It’s the morning of your wedding, here’s what to expect

The morning of a wedding is such a charismatic and exciting day. It’s so rewarding to be part of such a milestone. I’m so blessed to call this my job and to share that moment with each of my brides. In all my years as a bridal makeup artist, I’ve found that no one ever advises brides on the exact details of that morning. The nitty-gritty you don’t know about because you’ve never done this before. Lucky for you, this ‘aint my first rodeo. I’m here to fill you in on what no one is telling you. Every wedding I’ve participated in, has a similar timeline. Wake up. Meet with your bridal entourage to get ready. Hair, makeup, and mimosas for the next few hours. Flowers arrive, photographer arrives. Everyone gets dressed. Then before you know it, IT’S TIME!

With such an anticipated event about to begin, you want to make sure you are keeping your cool, and the day goes as smooth as possible. Here are some suggestions I’ve learned throughout the years, to make the most of this memorable morning.


Location, location, location.
If you’ve hired a hair and makeup team to come to you, great start! Doing this is ideal to make sure you, and more importantly your girlfriends, are running on time. We all have that one friend that’s late for everything…
Depending on the size of your group, you may have a few stylists on-site, to primp and polish your bridal crew. Make sure you choose a location that will comfortably fit everyone and their belongings. Be aware that more people will be on the way such as photographers, videographers, assistants, florists, and any out-of-town relative that will want to stop by and wish you well.
Consider this when you are deciding where you will get ready. If you are at a hotel, maybe opt for a suite or reserve a small conference room that will accommodate everyone. If you’re getting ready at home, designate an area that will be spacious enough to fit everyone. Your hair and makeup team will need access to electrical outlets, along with use of some counter space and chairs. If you feel you can’t accommodate, talk to your stylist ahead of time. They will be better prepared and bring tools to help them work more efficient.



Dress accordingly.

It’s a great idea to wear a robe or button down shirt while you are getting ready. You’ll want to wear something that you can easily remove without damaging your hair or makeup. Having everyone in cohesive colors or matching robes will add a personal touch to the occasion. Bonus: your friends will have a special keepsake to remember that morning.
Try and avoid bra straps. Either go au natural or wear a strapless number, as strap marks on the skin aren’t so great when it’s time to say “I Do”!


Avoid hangry friends.
The last thing on your mind that day will be food. However, #teambride might not feel that way. Make sure you’ve had something to eat, your next opportunity won’t be for a while. Place an order with a catering company to have some food delivered. Its best to chose foods that will be light and easy to eat. Think: “breakfast cocktail hour”. Fresh fruits and yogurt, or mini quiches are some yummy ideas. Take it a step further and create a signature mimosa to celebrate the morning’s festivities.


Bring on the fun.

Take in the moment. Chances are, you’ll probably be one of the last people to get ready. Your bridal party will go before you for hair and makeup, the process can last about 3-4 hours. While everyone is getting their glam on, relax and enjoy this time with your loved ones. Make a getting ready playlist. Fill the playlist with songs that mean something to you and your friends, or choose something fun and upbeat. You’ll kick off the morning on a good note.


Try not to take everything so seriously.
If you feel you are not camera ready when the photographer and videographer arrive, fear not. They usually arrive earlier than scheduled in order to recon the area and check lighting to ensure the best shots. Have your dress, shoes, rings, invitations and any special token you wished to be photographed, ready to give to your photographer. They will take detailed pictures of these items before taking pictures of you getting your hair and makeup done. Delegate someone to keep areas neat and photo ready.



Most important, remember that your wedding vision is in your head. No one has seen it. If something should go wrong, and it might, don’t freak out! No one knows it went wrong but you. Enjoy the moment and the excitement that will unfold throughout the day. The big day is finally here, let’s celebrate!

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